For school classes

We are not only looking forward to school trips but we also provide 6 projects for children’s groups. The projects feature history lessons on the spot.

By this, we offer a deeper understanding of the regular curriculum, using special methodology. This includes playful methods, interactive tasks, handcraft activities.


The optional topics for extra-curricular lessons are as follows:

1. The Franciscans and the nature – herbs.

Environmental lesson in the herbal garden. The herbs grown and udesd by Franciscans. How did they use the herbs? The secrets of folk therapy. Related subjects are Geography, Biology and History.

2. The hidden treasures of the Franciscans

Art history lesson. The architectural heritage of the friary and the lapidary, featuring some of the most important artistic styles, such as the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance styles. Related subjects are History and Art.

3. The life of the friars

What is it like to be a friar? What is their life like? What do they believe in? How do they live? How do they affect their environment? Mosaics from the life of Saint Francis of Assisi, Elizabeth of Hungary. Related subjects: Religious Studies and History.

4. Friars in Szeged

Episodes from the history of Szeged. The city and the friars during the Turkish occupation. The church and the head of György Dózsa. The struggle for the church between the protestants and the friars. The role of the miraculous image at the and of the Turkish occupation. The church during the flood of 1879. Related subjects: History, Religious Studies.

5. The era of the Communist dictatorship

The anti-religious Communist regime, the martyrs of the era. The life of Sándor Bálint, who was slandered during the Communist times, still kept his faith and set an example in retaining dignity during the decades of Communist era. Related subject: History.

6. Customs, popular belief and popular religiosity

According to the church year, the following activities are available:

- From the harvest to the blessed wine. Popular customs of the harvest, the steps of making wine and the birth of the new wine of Saint Martin’s Day.

- Distinguished days of the year, popular customs. The important days of the autumn.

- Slaughterer Saint Andrew, Wizard Lucie and the Christmas – The popular customs and the distinguishes saints of the  Advent and the Christmas period.

The project lessons are planned by considering the age of the group. Lessons include visiting the exhibition, handcraft activities and interactive activities. Duration: approximately 90 minutes. Playful activity workbooks are also available for the specific topics.